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Disinfecting Buildings

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Escalator Handrail Sanitization

     About Us

​The threat of dangerous pathogens and cross-contamination can pose a threat to employees, faculty, and students. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic we understand now more than ever how important sanitizing our spaces is. 


  • Wave Sanitation, LLC uses a revolutionary new way of disinfecting surfaces. 

  • This method kills pathogens comprehensively, on the surface, in the air and in any corner.

  • Our system is labor-saving and cost efficient.

  • Our machines are capable of wide-spread disinfection that cover a massive spectrum of bacteria, virus, mycoplasma etc.

  • Our disinfectant molecules form into fog and spread to every corner of the space. This kills the virus and bacteria both in the air and surface. This allows disinfection of the ceiling, floors, corners etc. where other cleaning methods hardly reach.

  • Our fog method suspends as long as 2h in an enclosed space ensuring sufficient disinfection reaction time.

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